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Kriya for Morning Sadhana

Kundalini Yoga Classes

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  • Complete Workout for the Total Self

    Yoga is a science and is more than just exercise. The word yoga means "union" - to merge the body, mind, and spirit. This yoga class will move the physical body and through the movement of the muscles will move energy through the meridian channels. We will use counting throughout the practice to ...

  • Basic Breath Series

    This Basic Breath Series focuses on the breath to rebalance your energy and bring more awareness to the way you breathe through your nostrils. We are going to start with a gentle yoga set to bring the spine into alignment. The spinal postures will move the spine in all directions (forward, back, ...

  • Kriya for Elevation

    This class will elevate your energy and allow you to tap into your creative potential. The Kriya for Elevation is my favourite Kundalini Yoga practice to tune up the energy flow through the body. We will use the breath and postures to release the energy flow along the spine and elevate the energy...

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