I AM CALM ~ Sadhana Series

I AM CALM ~ Sadhana Series

11 Day Challenge of breath-based kundalini yoga practices & meditations to calm the nervous system

This 'I am Calm' series will work on calming the nervous system to take us from the sympathetic nervous system to the parasympathetic nervous system where we can rest and digest. These classes will be focused on soothing the nervous system and regulating the breath. The breath has a powerful effect on how we feel. When we breathe shallow and rapid we can feel more overwhelmed and anxious. By slowing the breath down and bringing the diaphragm into a rhythm we can center the mind and calm the nervous system. Over the 11 days, we will move through some gentle breath-based kundalini yoga practices followed by an 11-minute meditation each day.

Sadhana means spiritual daily discipline. Doing a home yoga or meditation practice can be hard to be consistent and keep motivated. This I AM HEALTHY series will help you to create a daily habit of looking after your mind and body. The Kundalini Yoga classes will be 30- 40 minutes a day combining physical movement with breath practices and meditation to bring you into a calm and relaxed state.

What to Expect:
~ 11 Day Series that can be started at anytime
~ 30 - 40 minute classes which include an 11 minute meditation
~ Spotify playlists to use alongside your classes
~ An 11 day calendar to plan your classes

I AM CALM ~ Sadhana Series
  • I AM CALM Sadhana Series Calendar

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    Welcome to the 11 Day I AM CALM Challenge! Follow this calendar for the 11 days.

  • Calm Body, Calm Mind

    A simple and effective class to calm the body, mind and nervous system. This gentle class that will work to align the energy along the central axis of your spine, both physically and energetically. We will bring the three main Nadi channels (energy channels) located along the spine of Ida, Pinaga...

  • Experience Boundlessness

    This class will work on accessing the boundless state of infinity. To reach the subtle realm of ether where we are by nature boundless, we must first ground ourselves into the earth. We will start at our foundations, creating a solid and grounded base. Our meditation will then launch you into the...

  • Perspective & Emotional Balance

    This pranayama based class will focus on bringing the breath into balance. How we breathe has a large impact on how we feel and the function of our nervous system. When our breath is shallow, we feel anxious and on-edge. When we breathe deeply from the diaphragm, we feel calm and centred. We will...

  • Pituitary Gland Balance

    The Pituitary Gland is known as the master gland. It balances all hormone excretions in the body and creates a nice homeostasis within us - in the physical body, in the emotions and in the mind. The Pituitary Gland relates to our sixth chakra, Ajna Chakra, which is located at the third eye point....

  • Dealing with your Own Mind

    Sometimes our minds are our own worst enemy. It's hard work to control the mind, yet once we learn to control the mind, the mind will serve us. The mind is the link between you and Infinity. Through this class we will use mantra to break through the cycle of 'citta vritti' or mind clutter, let go...

  • Expand your Energy Field

    It is difficult to focus on your higher feelings and sensitivity if you feel fearful, negative and unprotected. In this class we will expand our energy fields, the magnetic field that surrounds your body. When your energy field is off balance, we can feel depressed, low in energy, and negative. ...

  • Conquer Self-Animosity

    We can sometimes be our own worst enemies. Negative self talk can prevent us from achieving and moving ahead in life. This self-animosity distracts us from the real gift of human life: the capacity to experience the infinite. We will start with a simple tune up set, to bring the energy up the 'li...

  • Total Mental Balance

    The ancient yogis said that we have about 1000 thoughts at the blink of any eye. Meditation can allow us to calm the busyness of our minds. We will move through a simple yoga Kriya, tuning up the energy along the spine to lead into our meditation of Kirtan Kriya. This meditation works with the ma...

  • Reaching Your Mental Richness & Spiritual Strength

    Kundalini Yoga is incredible powerful for brining you back to that connection, balancing you mentally and allowing you to experience the infinite. Go beyond the physical body by getting out of our own chaotic minds. We will center the energy through the use of Mudra, tuning up the energy in the b...

  • Folding and Unfolding Energy

    This yoga kriya body will work with moving the energy up through the chakras. The chakras are the energy centres in the body, as we center the energy through these points we will create harmony in the body. We will also expand the energy surrounding the body.

    We will finish with a simple 11 ...

  • Release Tension & Rejuvenation

    Use self massage techniques of applying pressure at certain areas to release tension and move energy through every part of the body. When energy is stagnant in the body we can feel stuck, heavy and tense. This gentle kriya stimulates the energy to move, relieving built up stress and tension and a...