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Watch this video and more on Golden Yogi Online

Kriya for Disease Resistance

I AM HEALTHY ~ Sadhana Series • 39m

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  • Stress Set for Adrenals & Kidneys

    A set working with the Adrenals and Kidneys. The adrenals and kidneys are located in the lower back, so this class will focus on forward-bends and back-bends to stimulate these glands. The adrenal glands are important in helping us to adapt to stress. Even if we eat well and get enough sleep it i...

  • Kriya for Liver, Colon, and Stomach

    This class will cleanse some of the main elimination channels in the body. The amazing thing about the body is that is completely self cleansing. What we can do is support this natural cleansing and elimination flow. We can help this by the foods we choose to eat, as well as movement on our yoga ...

  • Exercises for the Kidneys

    The kidneys are located on either side of the lower back, so most of our postures will work on forward bending and stimulating the lower back. Energetically, the Kidneys relate to releasing fears, so if you find yourself very fearful or have lost your stability in life this can manifest as lower ...

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