• I AM HAPPY ~ Sadhana Series

    11 videos

    “Happiness is your birthright.”

    In this 11 day series, we will be cultivating joy, radiance, and happiness. Quite often we get caught up in our suffering and negativity that we forget we are naturally happy beings. Through these short Kundalini Yoga and Meditation classes, we will build positive...

  • I AM BODY, MIND & SOUL ~ Sadhana Series

    11 videos

    Join a new class everyday for 11 days!

    The practice of Yoga is so much more than the physical practice in the body. Yoga brings union between the body, mind and soul. Join Erin on a deep inward journey beyond the physical body to connect with your true essence within.

    In this 11 day series we ...

  • I AM CALM ~ Sadhana Series

    11 videos

    11 Day Challenge of breath-based kundalini yoga practices & meditations to calm the nervous system

    This 'I am Calm' series will work on calming the nervous system to take us from the sympathetic nervous system to the parasympathetic nervous system where we can rest and digest. These classes will...

  • Solstice 'Blue Gap' Meditation

    This meditation is a two-part series known as the 'Blue Gap.' It's a meditation that allows us to merge into the infinite space. The first part works with pranayama, visualise, and the mantra SA TA NA MA. In the second part we'll chant ASHTANG, which is an eight rhythm mantra. SAT NAAM, SAT NAAM,...

  • Full Moon ~ Antar Naad Meditation

    Full Moon Meditation to channel the kundalini energy and open the chakras. This meditation connects you to the infinite flow to bring prosperity, creativity, and protection. It will bring you power to your words and help you to make intuitive decisions to conquer the ugliness of life.

  • Kriya for Morning Sadhana

    A great all-around Kundalini Yoga class to tune up the body, mind, and expand your aura. The Kriya includes basic postures to move the energy through the body; cat-cow, spine flex, spine twists, front bends, life nerve stretch, butterfly, pelvic lifts, cobra pose, yoga mudra, Sufi grind, shoulder...