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Meditation for Energy, Health & Radiance

Meditations ~ Breath / Pranayama • 13m

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  • Meditation for the Negative Mind

    In yogic teachings we look at the mind as having three facets - the positive mind, negative mind and neutral mind. The negative mind is our default mind, the one we turn to for protection. Sometimes the negative mind can become dominant and overpowering. Instead of just activating when our surviv...

  • Boost your Energy ~ Breath of Fire wi...

    A powerful short kriya to reset the brain and its electromagnetic field. The movement of the arms and hands triggers the reflexes in the fingertips to each area of the brain. The breath of fire added to the arm movement enhances the function of the pituitary and pineal glands. This short exercise...

  • Left Nostril Breathing Meditation

    Left Nostril Breathing is a calming pranayama meditation to calm the mind and soothe the nervous system. The left nostril breathing brings in the energy of Chandra / the moon energy. This energy channel relates to the Nadi channel of "Ida" which is guided by the right hemisphere of the brain and ...